2022 Furry Scurry Walk-A-Thon

When spending time with a pet you may have noticed that they are experts at being present. They don‘t fret about the past or worry about the future. They just find joy in the moment. If we could follow their lead, we would take time to rest, reflect and contemplate, and realize that it‘s in these still moments that we find contentment. 


At Creature Comfort, we recognize the power of special moments because we witness them on a daily basis. Our volunteer therapy teams visit with people who may be anxious, depressed or lonely. During that visit our calm and loving pets show them the importance of enjoying the moment they are in, especially if that moment includes a belly rub!

This fall we'll be kicking off our most important fundraiser of the year, the Furry Scurry Walk-a-Thon ~ Making Miles of Memories ~ which will run from Sept 15th - Oct 22nd.  

It is all about the power of finding and appreciating the simple moments in life. We will encourage participants to spend time with family and friends, join our fun challenges along the way and share special moments on social media.  

On October 22nd we‘ll gather in-person for our Over the Finish Line Celebration and Halloween Pet Parade at Lewis Morris County Park! We'll have Terrie Carr from WDHA as our MC, Pet Photography by Joe Frazz and a Halloween Pet Parade - who doesn‘t love adorable dogs in costumes? Check out this video that shows highlights of the camaraderie and fun of last year's event. 

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT as we continue to bring moments of joy that have lasting effects to improve the mental health and well-being of an ever-increasing number of individuals, families and communities. Our goal is to raise $70,000 and touch 70,000 people in the nine counties we serve.  By supporting the walk-a-thon as a sponsor, you will help us connect with more patients in hospitals, residents in eldercare, students in schools and families in safe houses. 

Working with Creature Comfort has been an absolute joy. Not only are staff members and parents delighted by the visits, but to see the kids‘ faces brighten up with so much expression and happiness is nothing short of magical!" 

Allison Marcus, Social Worker, P.G. Chambers School ~ special education and therapy programs for children with disabilities.