Volunteer with Your Pet

Thank you for your interest in Creature Comfort Pet Therapy. We have an amazing group of volunteer members and would love to have you join us! Please review all the information below prior to applying to test with Creature Comfort.

What is a therapy pet?
Therapy pets volunteer with their owner to provide healing comfort to people in various places. Unlike service animals, therapy pets are only allowed entry into sites that have arrangements with the therapy organization.

What are the requirements to join?

Most visits are during the weekday hours of 9 am - 5 pm. Evening and weekend visits are less frequent.
Please consider if you have time to perform therapy visits.

  • Calm and under full control of the handler.
  • Willingly approaches strangers for petting.
  • Enjoys people of all types and ages.
  • At least one (1) year old.
  • Has been with the owner for at least six (6) months.
  • Confident in unfamiliar situations / environments.
  • Neutral with other animals. Can ignore other dogs on leash in close proximity.

Dogs & Cats: 

  • Confirmation that your animal has been examined by a vet in the past year to be healthy 
  • A negative fecal exam within the past year
  • Rabies vaccinated
  • Distemper vaccinated (or titer results)


  • Confirmation that your animal has been examined by a vet in the past year to be healthy 
  • Rabies vaccinated
  • Coggins papers


  • Confirmation that your animal has been examined by a vet in the past year to be healthy 
  • Rabies vaccinated 
  • Clostridial vaccinated (CDT)

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets: 

  • Confirmation that your animal has been examined by a vet in the past year to be healthy 
  • No vaccines required
  • Available to do regular visits (we ask our teams to average one visit per month).
  • 18 yrs old (14 yrs - 17 yrs are allowed to test, however, they must perform visits with an adult member).


The therapy animal test is about 30 minutes long. Click on the links below to view the therapy tests. 

Pet Therapy Test For Dogs:  Click here

Pet Therapy Test for Other Animals (goats, rabbits, cats, etc):  Click here

Need More Training? Please reach out to our partner training facilities for guidance. You can find a list here.

Have Questions? Contact Karen Clark (kclark@ccpettherapy.org)

I am ready, how do I start the process?


STEP 1: Application & Records
Prior to testing, applicants must present the following:
  • Completed application (one per handler)
  • Proof of medical requirements
  • Application fee (see fee schedule below)

STEP 2: Intake Call
This is an opportunity for you to ask questions regarding our test or organization and for the Creature Comfort staff to get to know you a bit. We will review your goals for pet therapy and your availability so we can ensure we have visits to fit your desires, schedule and location. Your test time will be confirmed on this call. 
STEP 3: Pet Therapy Test
The pet therapy test is a combination of obedience and pet temperament. If you wish to visit with two or more dogs, you must pass the test with each dog separately. If more than one person in the family wishes to do visits, they must each pass the test with the animal. 
STEP 4: Orientation
This online live Orientation will cover visiting techniques, safe handling practices and a review of our policies. This is also a fantastic time for you to ask any questions you may have regarding visits. 
STEP 5: Training Visit
On your first therapy visit, you will be accompanied by an experienced therapy team who will help you along. Our staff will continue to provide ongoing guidance during your first months of visitation. 
STEP 6: Scheduling Call
We know scheduling your first few visits can be overwhelming. Our Scheduling Coordinator will assist you in using our dynamic online calendar and getting started on visits.

What are the fees?

APPLICATION FEE - $100.00 ($60 Testing / Onboarding and $40 Membership Dues)

Testing & Onboarding fee includes:
Annual membership dues includes:
  • Intake Call
  • Test preparation video
  • Pet therapy test
  • Orientation
  • Guidance on first therapy visit
  • Member team materials (CCPT shirt, ID badge, CCPT leash cover)
  • Membership Manual 
  • Certificate suitable for framing
  • Insurance coverage at CCPT-approved facilities
  • Calendar of scheduled therapy visits
  • Visit scheduling support
  • Ongoing guidance and support
  • Member resource center
  • Social & educational gatherings for volunteers
  • Annual Volunteer Appreciation Picnic 
  • In addition, the required reassessment every other year is included in that year‘s annual dues.  


There is a $50 fee for rescheduling within two weeks of your scheduled test date.

You will receive a full refund if you cancel more than two weeks before your scheduled pet therapy test date. No refunds will be given for cancelations within two weeks of your scheduled test.
If you do not pass your pet therapy test, you may receive a $25 refund or apply it towards a retest.


Scheduled during Intake Call
Sun, July 7th - Rockaway (aft.)
Sat, Aug 10th - Berkeley Heights (aft.)
Sat, Sept  21st - Morristown (morn.)
Sun, Oct 20th - Rockaway (aft.)


Creature Comfort Pet Therapy performs visits within the area indicated on this map