About Us

Creature Comfort Pet Therapy differs from other organizations providing similar services in that we embrace a hands-on approach with our therapy teams and the places we visit.  We work with each facility to help structure the visit to make it as effective and productive as possible. Certified therapy teams are able to choose from a variety of visits, and staff will make visit recommendations based on their interests and the energy level of their therapy animal. We have certified more than 500 pet therapy teams, including dogs, cats, rabbits, a goat, guinea pigs and a mini horse. Our volunteer teams have provided approximately 300 visits each month to our partner facilities that include nursing homes, public and private schools, libraries, hospitals, children's services, hospice, mental health centers and veterans programs.

Mission Statement

To enhance people's lives through therapeutic visits with caring volunteers and their pets.

Our Vision Statement

To provide caring volunteers dedicated to sharing their pet’s love by engaging people in a variety of community settings.   To build connections between volunteers and facilities seeking animal assisted activities and therapy. To increase awareness and provide education about the many benefits of pet therapy.


Our therapy teams visit people in need of healing comfort due to experiencing grief, loss, pain, recovery, homelessness, food insecurity, disabilities or loneliness. Thousands of people are seen annually and benefit from therapeutic visits by our hundreds of dedicated volunteers and their gentle, calm therapy pets.


Our therapy teams consist of one volunteer and one pet (mostly dogs, but we also have cats, rabbits and guinea pigs in the program). The teams pass a comprehensive test (evaluating the pet’s obedience and temperament) followed by a training visit and mentorship from experienced staff. They commit to doing therapeutic visits at least twice a month at partnering sites. Creature Comfort has over 200 active volunteer teams visiting 150+ locations in Northern and Central New Jersey.