FAQ's for Volunteering

Will I be able to take my therapy dog into stores and on planes? What if my housing unit does not allow pets?
Therapy animals go with their owner into partner sites to provide comfort and happiness to others. Unlike service animals, therapy animals do not have public access rights and are no different than regular pets outside of our facilities. Therapy animals do not qualify for housing exceptions as they are pets.
Why do I have to pay a fee to volunteer? Aren't you a non-profit?
Creature Comfort is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization raising enough funds to cover the cost of doing business. CCPT charges fees to cover the cost of testing, ongoing training, and supervision of our teams. As a CCPT team member, you are also covered by our liability policy.
How old should my pet be to do pet therapy?
Your pet should be at least one year of age and have been living with you for at least six months. We do not have a maximum age restriction as long as the animal is comfortable and wanting to visit.
My pet is not suitable for therapy. Can I use a friend's animal instead?
Yes! You may test with any animal you have known for at least six months.
My dog won't do ______. Do you offer training classes?
While Creature Comfort does provide an orientation for our handlers, we do not offer pet training classes. A list of dog trainers we recommend can be found here. We suggest potential teams attend a basic training class prior to taking the evaluation test. Some facilities offer therapy dog training classes, such as Pawsitive Pet Experience, St. Huberts, and My Dog's Got Class. A Canine Good Citizen prep class would be another option to help prepare your dog for the test.
What vaccines do you require for my pet?
Dogs & Cats: 
  • Confirmation that your animal has been examined by a vet in the past year to be healthy 
  • A negative fecal exam within the past year
  • Rabies vaccinated
  • Distemper vaccinated (or titer results)
  • Confirmation that your animal has been examined by a vet in the past year to be healthy 
  • Rabies vaccinated
  • Coggins papers
  • Confirmation that your animal has been examined by a vet in the past year to be healthy 
  • Rabies vaccinated 
  • Clostridial vaccinated (CDT)
Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets: 
  • Confirmation that your animal has been examined by a vet in the past year to be healthy 
  • No vaccines required

What kind of collar and leash can I use?

What if my pet does not pass the first time? Can I retest right away or do I have to wait?
Animals often don’t qualify the first time because they need to mature, or they need more training. If you do not pass the test, your evaluator will discuss a plan with you and recommend when/if you should re-test. If your pet exhibits aggression or severe stress during the evaluation, then pet therapy would not be an option.
What sites will be available for me to visit?
We have many visits for you to choose from each week - in a variety of different settings and locations.  We set up visits to hospitals, schools, libraries, mental health facilities, and senior centers.  We encourage you to try a number of visits to see what works best for you and your therapy pet. If you find places near your home that are not on the CCPT approved list, contact the office to set up a Facility Agreement with that facility.
Will I be visiting facilities on my own or with other teams?
Your first visit will be with an experienced mentor team. They will offer advice, answer questions you may have, and help model appropriate visiting techniques. Many of our visits are two teams, so you will have opportunities to visit with other CCPT teams often. 
I’d like to meet other people who are involved in pet therapy­­ - will there be opportunities for this?
Absolutely! We feel that people often volunteer in order to meet others. We hold regularly scheduled gatherings to socialize, share, and learn. 
Will I be covered by insurance when I go on visits? 
CCPT has group insurance to cover volunteers in good standing.
I have some time on my hands right now – are there other opportunities to volunteer?
We do have opportunities to volunteer without an animal, but please note that we do not have a kennel. All our therapy pets are owned by and live with their handlers. Please contact us at info@ccpettherapy.org to discuss specific volunteer jobs.
Can I purchase some clothing with the CCPT logo?
YES, we love to have people showing off our logo.  We have a variety of items such as collared shirts, sweatshirts, and fleece vests.