Quotes From Facilities

"Pet Therapy has been a part of our DeStress Fest for Fall and Spring semesters for the past decade and the students absolutely love it!"
Tracy Clark, Rutgers Newark (School)

"My mom suffered and passed away at Morristown Hospital this year. My dad died, and that gave my mom a heart attack or two, and she passed away 80 days later.  Crying as I write this, I want you to know her only pure relief was being visited by the dogs from Creature Comfort.  I specifically remember the visit from Kevin. My mom burst into tears as Kevin was placed in her arms and she looked forward to the visits and talked about them afterward. I can’t think of the other dogs’ names now.  It was the only relief she had during her ordeal." 
Pamela Whitman, Morristown Medical Center (Hospital)

"It is with great pleasure that I write to say what a wonderful experience we had when Lucy (the dog) and her “parents” came to visit Irwin Elementary School.  We asked Lucy to come and visit our school as part of our character education program “The Road to Success”.  As Lucy visits hospitals, nursing homes, and schools, she was a great catalyst to talk about compassion towards those who may be different from ourselves or in need of comfort. I can assure you that the visit was an unbridled success!  The children LOVED meeting Lucy and the Grossmans, and in several cases, her presence at our school provided well-needed comfort to some of our at-risk students and even helped a few students who were previously afraid of dogs to become more comfortable around them. We highly recommend your services and thank you so much for coming to our school." 
JoAnn Chmielowicz, Irwin School Principal (School)

"The residents at Brookdale Florham Park eagerly await the visit each week from Creature Comfort. Some residents have their favorite dogs, while others love them all.  We especially love when we have two or three dogs visit at one time.  Many owners and their dogs stay to join us with our word game and we have a great time together.  It is nice to see the residents become close to the owners and the dogs." 
Nicole Klinzing, Brookdale Florham Park (Nursing Home)

"We established our relationship with CCPT about 3 years ago and I’ve enjoyed watching that partnership grow. The volunteers and their humans have been great with our children. Our members of all ages look forward to their visits. It’s been great seeing our shy, quiet members interact with the animals and each other during the visits. I look forward to continuing to work with CCPT in the future."
Amanda Kucsera, Union County Boys and Girls Club (Children’s Services)

"We love having visits from Creature Comfort at our school.  The animals are wonderful as well as their handlers.  Each visit makes not only the students smile but the staff as well. Looking forward to more visits in the future." 
Stacey Connelly, Chancellor Academy (School)

"Senior Home Care Services has been proud to sponsor Creature Comfort Pet Therapy visits!  Our team members who are able to participate in the visits, look forward to them and rave about how uplifting it is to see the joy in seniors' eyes and smiles when they visit with a Pet Therapy dog.  It is a wonderful experience for both the seniors and our team members!"  
Colleen Koenig, Senior Home Care (Nursing and Rehabilitation)

"We had a visit from five wonderful volunteers and their dogs yesterday here at Alexander Library of Rutgers University, New Brunswick.   This is a crazy time of year for the students and also the faculty and staff at Rutgers.  It is great to see them take a break from everything and just enjoy some downtime with the volunteers and their dogs.  I heard them asking about the dogs – the name and breed – while sharing information about their pets at home and of course getting in some good puppy loving during the conversation!  All who stopped by left relaxed with a smile on their faces ready to tackle the exams and papers to come.  Thanks to your organization and the volunteers for taking their time to come and sit with our students!"  
Jeff Teichmann, Rutgers University (School)

"The residents seem to be very happy to see the animals.  The handlers are extremely kind to our seniors and what I see is a very good experience.  The dogs’ visits are the best therapy the resident's experience."  
Irma Santiago, Merry Heart Nursing Home (Nursing and Rehabilitation)

"Having the dogs on campus during finals is always such a pleasant surprise! When students are typically all cooped up, studying fiercely in their dorm rooms or the library, it's nice to catch some fresh air and play with a friendly pooch. There's something about the energy of a playful dog that can always bring out a giddy inner-child in all of us, taking us to a place where stress does not prevail!"  
Eddie Seavers, Ramapo College (School)

"I'm so glad that our Library can partner with Creature Comfort Pet Therapy. It's a great opportunity for our young patrons to read aloud in a comfortable, non-judgmental setting.  And cuddling with the dogs is an added bonus!" 
Ellen Ryan, Bernards Township Library (Library)


Quotes From Certified Teams

"When I say to Cody, we are going to “work”, his ears perk up, he leaps off the couch and almost flies to the door.  He simply cannot wait to jump in the car and go to “work” for CCPT.  I feel the therapy begin when I see the wide-eyed, huge smiled students, teachers, faculty members, patients, nurses, staff members, of all ages, as they see Cody.  Cody lights up a hallway, a classroom, a waiting area, or a community room, but the true magic happens when he connects with so many of the amazing individuals we’ve met through CCPT.  They embrace him, read to him, snuggle with him, take pictures of him and for a brief time in their day, the noise stops.   The power of pet therapy is captivating and undeniable.  Cody has calmed children out of tantrums so they could rejoin their class, he’s soothed teenagers as they lay by the side of their ailing grandparents and he’s brought smiles to patients I have been told haven’t smiled in 6 months!  And, I think it’s equally as rewarding for Cody too.  Cody was a stray and homeless dog and I think he receives as much love from the amazing people we visit as he gives to them.  The truth is, I smile bigger and brighter on those days too." 
Stacy Steifman & Cody (Team)

"Beau and I began our pet therapy visits this year. It has been an experience that is difficult to put words to. Our first visit with a mentor team was a perfect launch into our solo visits. It gave me the confidence I needed! Several visits come to mind as I reflect. One was a gentleman who, with tears in his eyes, thanked Beau as he held Beau's head, for going through the training to bring him to him. He looked at me and thanked me too. I will never forget that gentleman or that day."
Lynn Robbins & Beau (Team)
"I am so grateful to have the opportunity to volunteer with my golden Elsa. Our work has brought us to places and the chance to meet so many wonderful people."  
Carmen Paul & Elsa (Team)

"Doing Pet Therapy with Havana has been unbelievably rewarding. I love how excited she gets when I pull out her vest and tell her we are going to the hospital. The response from the kids, their parents and everyone we meet while walking through the halls brings us both great fulfillment. You can see the impact the dogs have, it’s a glimmer of light and hope for the patients. It’s honestly a privilege to be a part of Creature Comfort and have the ability to serve people in this special way."  
Jan Hines & Havana (Team)

"Oliver and I love our pet therapy visits; whether we visit the hospital, a school, or a library the interactions we have leave us feeling so happy and rewarded.  We feel so fortunate to be part of the CCPT team of volunteers."
Lynn Rosenfeld & Oliver (Team)

"CCPT has given Ruby and me greater purpose in our community.  We benefit as much if not more than the people we serve.  CCPT is an extended family with a common mission to serve others -- we are grateful to have found you!"  
Kim levy & Ruby (Team)

"My husband and I now have an expression which is, "Don't use the "V" word unless we are about to leave the house for a CCPT visit." When Ollie hears the word "visit, " she perks up, prances throughout the house like a gazelle, and then rolls around the floor with some peculiar sounds. She is glued to my side until we get in the car!  Every morning, Ollie gives me an inquisitive look as if she is asking me if we will be doing a CCPT visit.  Honestly, these visits are the high point of her day. While she loves to go on walks, be petted, and play with toys, balls, and us, Ollie's favorite activity is definitely the CCPT visits. On the visits, we often hear the following words of thanks: "You've made my day!" or "You've made my week!" or "You've made my month!" All Ollie and I can say now about the people we have visited so far is, you've made our year!"
Stacy Henson and Ollie (Team)

"Hope and I were on the Gagnon CCU Unit. The patient had all sorts of medical equipment helping him breathe etc. His family was with him. I lifted Hope up and Hope licked his hand. The family took his hand and stroked Hope's head. There was no visible evidence that the man was aware of what was going on. The next week I walked into Gagnon A regular room. To be greeted with a cheerful, "that's Hope" It was the same man. He remembered our visit from the previous week and told me how much he enjoyed it."
Evelyn Callahan & Hope (Team)

"This is one of the best ways to keep my heart glowing with light and love. No matter what is going on in my own life, a visit with Star reminds me of how just the simple act of caring and connection with others is more meaningful than anything bought in a store. It has been amazing to see how people light up when they see Star and how great I feel when I leave - no matter how I may have felt prior."  
Eve & Star (Team)

"For me, pet therapy combines my love of animals (in this case dogs!) and my medical background as a nurse.  Chester, my current therapy team partner, is my 4th therapy dog. I never tire of the joy these wonderful creatures bring to all sorts of people from patients to staff, to visitors, to school children etc.  I have seen my dogs elicit positive responses from people who had been either despondent or in pain, and even gently convince a dog-phobic nurse to risk petting my therapy dog, Ella.  I think I benefit as much as the people we see, the deep satisfaction of providing cold noses warming hearts is priceless."
Janet Kaefer & Chester (Team)