Art Sale

Creature Comfort Pet Therapy is happy to announce that we have partnered with talented artists who will be selling their artwork and donating a portion of their proceeds to CCPT! 

We are excited to share three talented artists and their amazing artwork! We are featuring artists Joe Tait, Morgan Vigara and Amanda Nazario. 

Joe Tait is a prolific artist that has shown work, sold work, done work on commission, and donated work to benefit causes and people that he cares about. Mostly, he just keeps making things that mean something to him and sometimes mean something to other people. Joe is donating 100% of the proceeds from his impressive artwork to support CCPT. 

Queen of Dogs- Artist Joe Tait.


Bailey Spiteri is an artist from the Philly area. She chose to donate her time to CCPT because of her mom, Jodi, who has dedicated so much of her time to this wonderful organization. Bailey is also a foster parent, and loves to work with local animal rescues.
You can find her on @whatisbaileydoing on Instagram and Bailey Spiteri on Facebook.

Sample commissioned art from Bailey Spiteri.


Amanda Nazario is a radio host, illustrator, and blogger who has also worked as a pet sitter in NYC. Currently Amanda is recuperating from Covid. During this time Amanda has rediscovered her love of illustration. Animals have always been her favorite subject. Check out her whimsical cartoons of a variety of cute critters and bring one home today! 

Wally and Maurice. Artist Amanda Nazario


You can view the entire album here. 

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Thank you for supporting CCPT and the artists!